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Wood Heating for the 21st Century

Efficient, Reliable, and Renewable
Claim your Energy Independence!
  • 85-90% Efficient

  • Low Ash Output

  • Little to No Smoke

  • Low Emissions

  • 8-12 Hour Burn Time

  • Low Maintenance

  • Durable Construction

  • Built to Last

  • Sustainable Fuel Source

  • Locally Available

  • Alternative to Fossil Fuels

  • Save Money

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Why Wood Gasification?

The burning of wood to provide heat is as old as mankind.  However, traditional woodstoves are only about 40-60% efficient depending on the model.  By utilizing wood gasification, our wood boilers are close to 90% efficient resulting in significantly lower fuel costs and emissions.  So, stop letting money fly out of the chimney and start saving now!

What is Wood Gasification?

When wood is burned, the combustion reaction releases wood gases and smoke.  The majority of the heat content of the wood is contained in these gases.  Traditional wood stoves fail to completely utilize the wood gases and release them through the chimney along with a significant amount of smoke which creates pollution issues.  

Gasification boilers capture the wood gases and expose them to a high-heat secondary combustion process.  This results in almost complete combustion of the wood fuel source.  Thus, our wood gasification boilers are highly efficient with very low emissions and little to no smoke.

How does it Work?

Our wood gasification boilers use a two-chamber heating system.  The wood in upper loading/burning chamber is heated and gasified.  The highly combustible wood gas is drawn down through a ceramic nozzle into the lower chamber with the help of a blower which injects fresh air.  The resulting mixture is ignited resulting in a superheated post-combustion flame that burns at a very high temperature (around 2000  F) creating a torch-like effect.  This secondary combustion process releases the full energy potential of the wood resulting in almost complete utilization of the wood fuel source.  The heat energy is then captured and transferred using a highly efficient multiple pass heat exchanger and counter flow flue into your home or heating application.  The boiler is also surrounded by an insulation jacket to protect against heat loss.  For optimal results, the use of a hot water storage tank is strongly recommended.


Wood Gasification Boiler Cutaway
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Lower Chamber Combustion

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