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Wood and Coal Boilers

The boilers and links to their respective store pages are below.  Note that the boiler size for a particular heating application will vary with the square footage of your building.  Click here for how to properly size your boiler.

Attack FD-42 Cast Iron

FD Cast Iron boilers are intended for burning coal, wood, and wood briquettes. Boilers are assembled from high quality cast iron sections and for convenience the boiler’s door is enlarged for easy loading of large fuel pieces. Non-electric automatic draft controller and manually regulated secondary air combustion control, provide air for complete burning.

Attack FD-42 Pellet Add-on System

Attack FD Pellet System can be added onto the FD-42 Cast Iron Boiler expanding the burning options to include pellets.

System includes:

Pellet Burner (30kW)

Pellet Container (80 gallon)

Pellet Feeding System (3ft)

Replacement FD-42 Door to accommodate pellet burner

Futura Econo

The Futura Econo boiler has an automatic feeding system that is designed for the combustion of granulated coal.  The granulation of coal (anthracite - hard coal) should be no larger than 3/4" (sold on the market as Buckwheat or Rice coal).  The Econo boiler is also suited for the burning of solid fuel, such as wood and wood pellets, with small adjustments. 

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