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For over 15 years, New Horizon has been the North American leader in sustainable wood gasification boilers.

We believe that all people should have access to reliable, cost-effective, energy efficient heating solutions.  Wood gasification boilers allow energy independence through the use of locally available renewable wood fuel sources.  Eliminate your heating bills and exercise your personal freedom today!    

New Horizon was founded by Zenon Pawlowski.  A native of Poland, he eventually settled in the wooded hills of West Virginia.  Surrounded by thousands of acres of forests, he realized that European-style wood gasification boilers would provide a superior alternative to traditional wood burning stoves commonly used throughout the United States.  Soon thereafter, he started importing wood gasification boilers from Europe, where they have been a proven heating source for decades.  

Contact us and let our expertise help you achieve your wood heating goals.

New Horizon Corporation | Forest Canopy
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