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The ATTACK SLX model from the 7000 series stands out as an eco-friendly wood biomass boiler, tailored for discerning clients who prioritize quality, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. This boiler has garnered accolades for its superior design, exceptional efficiency, and a notably large fuel chamber. The LAMBDA Touch variant offers the convenience of internet connectivity, allowing users to effortlessly manage the system via smartphone.


Optimized for extended burn times, the SLX model boasts a spacious feeding chamber, enabling a substantial reduction in reloading frequency by over 50%. This model comes with a generously proportioned 60-gallon chamber, accommodating logs up to 28 to 32.2 inches in length.


Enhanced duration of operation is a key feature of this boiler. With a full chamber, users can engage in other activities for 8 to 12 hours, thanks to the continuous burn capability on a single load of fuel. The benefit of the capacious chamber means that meter-long logs need only be split once for efficient use.


  • The ATTACK SLX wood gasification boiler is renowned for its substantial fuel chamber, which allows for extended burn periods, slashing refueling frequency by more than half. This unit is designed with a large-capacity feeding chamber, ranging between 200 to 230 liters and accommodating wood lengths of 690 mm to 790 mm.

    The boiler's spacious chamber ensures that once it's fully loaded, it can burn continuously for 8 to 12 hours, allowing you to focus on other tasks. This extended burn time is made possible by the strategic design that requires only a single split of meter-long wood pieces.

    Crafted for durability and performance, the ATTACK SLX boiler is constructed from 6 mm thick boiler steel and includes a high-grade refractory concrete nozzle capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1350 °C.

    The boiler integrates a Lambda probe to monitor the oxygen content, reflecting the use of modern technologies and its high efficiency. Developed in-house, the ATTACK SLX achieves an efficiency of up to 92% due to its sophisticated tube heat exchanger with turbulators. The SLX LAMBDA Touch version features automatic cleaning turbulators, ensuring a consistently clean heat exchanger and is protected against tar formation with a dry coat lining the feeding chamber.

    For ease of use, the SLX model offers Profi or Lambda Touch controls, providing straightforward, intuitive operation with many automated functions. These include automatic shutdown after fuel depletion, cleaning, heating pump control, and accumulation tank charging. For enhanced performance, it's recommended to integrate an accumulation tank and ATTACK Oventrop mixing equipment. It is also essential to purchase the boiler locally for dependable servicing.

    The SLX boiler promotes eco-friendly heating, using gasification technology that is more efficient and effective than traditional combustion. This technology produces fewer CO2 emissions, lowers flue gas temperatures, and results in minimal ash, thus simplifying maintenance and contributing to environmental conservation.

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