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The ATTACK DPX boiler from the 6000 series is an award-winning, state-of-the-art heating solution that combines modernity and comfort. As an eco-friendly option, it boasts a robust build and an impressive efficiency rate of up to 91%. Its substantial feeding chamber minimizes the need for frequent refueling, enhancing user convenience. The boiler's longevity and high performance are underpinned by the superior quality of materials and craftsmanship involved in its making.


Featuring a distinctively large fuel chamber, the DPX model simplifies the loading process. It is outfitted with a feeding chamber available in sizes of 82 and 190 liters, supporting fuel lengths of 350 mm to 750 mm.


The DPX’s expansive feeding chamber, holding 128 liters, ensures prolonged burning times. When fully utilized, it allows the boiler to operate consistently for 8-12 hours. The design facilitates efficient fuel usage, requiring just a single split of meter-long logs.


The DPX 80 and DPX 100 variants offer an even more extended feeding chamber of up to 1100 mm, making it possible to load meter-long wood pieces effortlessly.

An innovative feature of the DPX boiler is the automatic chimney flap, which improves the draw of flue gases and aids in the ignition process. This flap opens when the loading door is opened and closes automatically, enhancing convenience by reducing the need for manual operation.


Constructed with premium materials, the DPX boiler features 6 mm thick special boiler steel, adjustable turbulators, and heat-resistant refractory concrete components, ensuring top-notch quality.


Three options are available for control electronics:
- STANDARD: Basic control suitable for straightforward systems.
- PROFI: User-friendly with manual air supply and exchanger cleaning.
- LAMBDA: Advanced control with an LCD display and automatic servomotor-driven air supply.


For increased efficiency, the DPX boiler can be connected to an accumulation tank, and it offers various control settings. It features automatic shutdown after fuel depletion, automatic cleaning, heating pump control, and accumulation tank charging. To maximize output, it is recommended to pair the boiler with ATTACK Oventrop equipment and an accumulation tank. It is also advised to purchase the boiler in the country of residence for regular service.


The boiler’s wood gasification technology ensures an eco-conscious and efficient combustion process, with efficiency reaching up to 91%. This not only benefits the environment but also reduces fuel costs compared to less efficient boilers.


SKU: 0006
  • The ATTACK DPX series biomass boilers are engineered with a uniquely large fuel chamber for easier loading and prolonged burning periods. The DPX range includes models with feeding chambers of 82 and 190 liters, capable of accommodating wood lengths of 350 mm to 750 mm.

    These boilers are designed to facilitate continuous operation, with the capability to burn fuel for 8-12 hours when the chamber is fully utilized. The size of the chamber allows for loading of meter-long logs, split just once for convenience and efficiency.

    The DPX 80 and DPX 100 models further enhance this convenience with feeding chambers that extend up to 1100 mm, making it simple to load even large wood pieces.

    A notable innovation is the automatic chimney flap, which improves the start of the burning process and the direct flow of flue gases to the chimney. This feature operates synchronously with the loading door, opening and closing automatically to reduce manual intervention.

    The build quality of the DPX boilers is of paramount importance, featuring 6 mm thick special boiler steel, dynamic turbulators, and refractory concrete components that withstand up to 1350 °C, ensuring the boiler's longevity and reliability.

    Users have the flexibility to choose from three types of control electronics based on their needs:

    • STANDARD: Offers basic control for simple heating systems.
    • PROFI: Provides straightforward operation with manual control of the air supply and exchanger cleaning.
    • LAMBDA: Features an LCD display and automatic control of the air supply with servomotors.

    For enhanced efficiency, the DPX boilers can be connected to an accumulation tank, providing greater output and various control options. These boilers have built-in functionalities such as automatic shutdown after fuel consumption, cleaning, and pump control. To optimize performance, it is recommended to combine the boiler with ATTACK Oventrop accessories and an accumulation tank, ensuring the purchase is made within the same country for reliable servicing.

    Ecologically responsible, the DPX boilers utilize wood gasification technology for heating, which is more efficient and has a lower environmental impact than traditional combustion methods. This advanced technology ensures up to 91% combustion efficiency, translating to significant fuel savings and reduced ecological footprint.

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